About Us

Ecobag Suppliers Kenya is the Online Trading name for Jeliz Distributors.
We are the leading supplier of non-woven carrier bags, woven carrier bags, non-woven planting bags, Kraft papers (Grocery Bags) and gift bags.

We offer the most affordable custom branding of the carrier bags enhancing your brand visibility.

Our vision is to help create a better environment for our future generations through the use of Re-usable biodegradable bags.

Our Mandate

We humans have ripped the world off its beauty, but we still have the chance to recreate and bring it back and make it the finest place to live. We all have a duty to play and Eco Bag Suppliers duty is advocating, endorsing and selling recyclable packaging material.

  • The company’s mission is supporting the global environmental restoration by championing the use and adoption of recyclable material.
  • The company’s vision is to restore for the future generations the noble environmental experiences we did not appreciate.
  • The company upholds these core values of quality, ethics, and care.

Jeliz Distributors started operation in the year 2012, distributing electronics. In the year 2017, we shifted to the supply of Ecobags after the government passed into law abolition of production and usage of plastic bags. Many other countries have joined hands united in the campaign to make earth still be the only continent that supports human life, and we are with governments who have pledged to walk this path.

Plastic bags have become a major global problem that needs to be dealt with appropriately and quickly. The issue has affected both flora and fauna creating a great imbalance in the ecosystem and if the problem is not addressed in the near future, tremendous environmental changes will distort how the global societies live. We have already started feeling the effects of global warming and using products which do not add more carbon dioxide in the environment are the first biggest steps to restoring sanity to the environment.

We have served many retail outlets, organizations, government institutions and companies across the country with plain bags and custom Branded bags.

We also supply Planting Bags which are biodegradable and made of non-woven materials.

To know more about us, click here to download our Business Profile.

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